The United States Council for Automotive Research (USCAR) was established in 1992 to “further strengthen the technology base of the U.S. auto industry through cooperative research and development.” Comprised of a number of technical teams, USCAR strives to develop industry-wide automotive testing standards. One of these teams, EWCAP (Electrical Wiring Component Applications Partnership), works diligently to achieve standardization in Ford, GM and Chrysler electrical component testing specifications.

The result of this has been a number of USCAR issued specifications for various electrical components. ITS is accredited to test to the following:



  • USCAR-2 Connectors and Terminals
  • USCAR-20 Field-Correlated Connector Life Test
  • USCAR-30 USB Connectors
  • USCAR-15 Lamp Sockets
  • USCAR-21 Terminal Crimps

These specifications can be obtained from the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) website at

Additionally, we were pleased to be invited to participate in the last two revisions of USCAR-2. It is currently at Revision Level 6.